We invite commission work for oil landscape paintings that are existing or imagined. Please read more about how to commission subjects, the process, and pricing:

  1. It starts with a discussion to determine the subject of the painting such as: a particular architectural property, parcel of land, beach or water or an adaptation of one of Barry’s existing paintings.
  2. If the subject is to be based on a real place, Barry will then photograph the property or use an existing image and submit several views to choose from.
  3. An on site meeting at the location where the painting will hang will help determine dimensions (with or without framing) for the painting and will allow Barry to note the color tonality of the room — which may help determine the seasonal time of year to be depicted.
  4. Barry then uses Photoshop (if requested) to overlay sky elements and adjust land configuration to create a composition that will fit the agreed upon size of the painting, while still maintaining (as closely as possible) the authentic footprint of the scene (some compositional alterations may be necessary to maintain artistic aesthetics).
  5. the photoshopped options will be presented and discussed to determine any final composition, color tonality or proportional changes (cia email).
  6. An initial sepia wash drawing on the actual canvas may be presented if requested before color painting begins (via email).
  7. The curing finished painting will then be submitted (via email) on in person to discuss any minor alterations that may be appropriate at that stage, before a final clear UV varnish (a slight satin finish) is applied).
  8. The dried painting is delivered (approximately 4–5 weeks depending on dimensions)!

Pricing for Barry’s commissions: $350/sq ft — minimum 4 sq ft.

Commissioned painting progression : (double click on image)

Close up details : 

just a few samples of textures and brushstroke on different canvas surfaces and slate material -